Lost teddy bear gets luxury hotel break in Hawaii (photos)

Lost stuffed animals treated to five-star resort stay
After a pair of plush toys were mistakenly left behind, the resort found them and gave them the royal treatment
Published at: 3:01 AM, Fri Jan 11 2019
HONOLULU — When 2019 started off with a beloved toy gone missing and a child in tears, the January blues hit hard for Anna Pickard.

The San Francisco-based creative director had just arrived from a family vacation in sunny Hawaii when she made the awful discovery that someone hadn’t made the flight.

Sutro, her son’s teddy bear, had been left at back at the five-star Grand Hyatt Kauai, where they’d been staying.

As anyone who’s ever lost a favorite toy knows, sometimes that’s just the sad end of the story. But Pickard didn’t give up.

“We just had many tears when we realized my son had left his teddy bear in the pullout bed in the room,” she wrote in an email to the hotel.

To her relief, Pickard got a positive response from Julien Woerpel, the Hyatt’s housekeeping director.

The hotel staff had found Sutro, along with his furry companion Kauai, a newly purchased toy Hawaiian monk seal.

Woerpel, a father of two children aged 1 and 3, says he was touched by Pickard’s email and empathized with the situation.

“Anna was so nice and I fully understand how distraught kids can be when they realize their bear buddy is missing,” he said.

Woerpel decided to put a light-hearted spin on the situation and, with the help of Rachel Bower, the Hyatt’s assistant executive housekeeper, help Sutro make the most of his extended stay.

“Rachel and I thought we’d make it fun and show that his bear was just having so much fun on his Kauai vacation that he wanted to stay longer,” he said.

The swanky Grand Hyatt Kauai, situated on the golden sands of Poipu Beach, prides itself on good customer service — but Woerpel and his team took it to another level.

Lucky bear Sutro became a true VIP guest, taken on an adventure around the resort with his escapades and experiences documented in a series of heartwarming photographs — all sent back to Pickard to reassure her son.

“He suddenly sent the wonderful email with all the images,” Pickard said.

The photos depict Sutro and Kauai visiting the laundry room, hanging out with the employees who originally found the toys. The pair then spent time at the hotel spa where Sutro even got a manicure.


I had emailed the hotel last night. Is there a white bear there, I asked? Very friendly, answers to Sutro? He has a new friend, a seal, that he had made during the trip. They’d probably be together if they could be found. We weren’t hopeful tho. Big hotel and that


They emailed back. Not only had they found Sutro safe and would be posting him back, but they sent updates so Doozer could see what he’d been doing on his extended vacation. Apparently having first visiting the laundry, he’s been at the Spa. pic.twitter.com/rFhK6m9LVI

my son's teddy bear with a large amount of housekeepersa small bear and a seal go to the spaand get a manicure. Or maybe DO a manicure? not sure.
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And then, this is my favourite thing, THEY CHECKED OUT OF THE HOTEL.

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SO thank you to Julien at @GrandHyattKauai, and his colleagues who are, apparently, just all-round lovely people who legit made me (and several dozen colleagues) cry today. Now I’m going to go and print these out and drip feed them to Doozer until Sutro lands. pic.twitter.com/uEDufv70zV

the bear was helping to clean rooms. never helps to clean rooms at home.This is the spa that i never went to.fact: bears are the only things worse on the phone than me.julien and rachel in a selfie before sending our lovies back
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Their vacation is pretty envy-enducing. Sutro and Kauai got to experience everything the Hyatt has to offer, lounging in a fancy cabana, going for picturesque walks around the resort and chilling by the pool.

“We took him all around the resort where he met staff, helped do landscaping and laundry, got a spa treatment and finally checked out before heading home,” said Diann Hartmann, director of marketing communications at the Grand Hyatt.

Pickard posted the images on social media — and this adorable tale of the kindness of strangers set the Twitterverse alight.

Meanwhile, Pickard left a postcard on her son’s pillow from Sutro, explaining his bear had loved his time Hawaii so much, he’d decided to stay a couple of extra days, but he’d be back very soon.

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Tiny dude wasn’t being very happy about posing for photos this evening, I’ll try again tomorrow, but even if I don’t, he’s so sodding happy to have Sutro home (and I’m not adding these to the original thread because… because. This is us. Not )

Lost teddy bear gets luxury hotel break in Hawaii

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