12/29/20 Updated:Mile Marker Map including route, traffic light, 3/4-way stop, and school zone


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Aloha Everyone,
HIRSC Founder and Head Administrator Benjamin Agdeppa announce the following new changes and updates have been made to the Island of Hawaii Mile Marker Update for late December 2020/January 2021:
– All graphics on the map are now compatible with the Google Earth Pro application on Windows and Mac OS computers. (Please feel free to message us for the updated KMZ/KML File for Google Earth Pro)
(All screenshots were taken from the Google Earth Pro app)
– Location and Street Names corrected
– Photos of some of the local landmark attached with the icon
– Location of some landmarks adjusted
– Cleaned up icons for HFD, Ocean Safety, HPD, ARFF, and PTA Stations
– Traffic Signal Graphics Updated
– Scenic Routes colors have been changed to forest green, Landmarks/Points of interest are Dark Blue, Roadway landmarks are Yellow, and all restricted or closed landmarks/Points of Interest are indicated in Red.
– Street Signs on the map coincide with the roadway landmark/reference.
All updates are live and visible for the public to view.
We would like to again thank Ben for his continued work to maintain the Island of Hawaii Mile Marker Map, a very valuable resource according to many Hawaii Island residents (and visitors, can you believe that) and businesses.
Originally, the HIRSC Team had planned in 2020 to post an article highlight the map creator Ben and show you all the work it took to make the map what it is today, however, the new changes of which originally were sneak peek items are now active, we will post that article in January 2021, so stay tuned for that.

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