Official Report…Heepali & S. Puni Mauka Loop CAR FIRE & ARCHING LINES

Tuesday, 10-12-2021 8:44pm

i person injured; 1 fatality

3 HFD apparatus; 5 HFD personnel

Residential property heavily overgrown with trees.

Upon arrival, 1 HPD officer was onscene and pointed out 1 downed victim 58 y.o. female nonviable and actively on fire outside of the car which was on fire. There were also downed energized arching power lines near the victim.  The officer stated there was another occupant unaccounted for whom we found in a dwelling on the property.  A 59 y.o. male escaped with minor injuries.  Once HELCO supervisor cleared the electrical hazard we were able to make entry and extinguish fire and cover victim.  Scene was turned over to HPD.

Fallen tree branch caused broken powerline.  Electrical arching power line fell onto victims car.

Upon arrival noted electrical lines actively arching alongside a vehicle partially involved in fire with 1 victim 58 female obvious DOA supine on the ground to the rear of the car.  The victim was also actively on fire.  1 HPD officer was on scene and stated there was another occupant unaccounted


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