An Animal Shelter In Kansas Is Raising Money By Posting ‘Sexy’ Photos Of Their Animals’ Paws

An Animal Shelter In Kansas Is Raising Money By Posting ‘Sexy’ Photos Of Their Animals’ Paws

The Kansas Humane Society (KHS) came up with a brilliant way to raise money for its animals: it’s called OnlyPaws.

only paws
Credit: Kansas Humane Society / Facebook

That’s right, the nonprofit shelter is “selling” pictures of their animals’ paws. Every time someone donates $100, they post five photos on social media.

“Times are TOUGH, and our pets need to pull their weight, so we’re selling their feet pics on the internet. We know you want this.. For every $100 we raise, we’ll post a collection of our spiciest toe beans from a variety of species. All the (money) raised goes right back to caring for our incredibly sexy animals,” KHS wrote.

The idea is a spinoff of the adult subscription site, OnlyFans, where racy captions and photos grab viewers’ attention.

Many OnlyFans members have claimed to make a lot of money on the platform selling pictures of their feet for anywhere from $5 to $500 a per photo or video.

The #OnlyPaws campaign gained a lot of unexpected media attraction, helping the KHS raise more than $8,000, far beyond the initial $2,000 goal.

“Dear KS Humane – whoever is running your social media, marketing, and development campaigns needs a raise. You’re killing it. Love this!” one Instagram user commented.

“This is out of control and I love it,” another wrote.

“This is the greatest marketing campaign I have ever seen,” another said.

“We never expected the level of success or recognition we got,” KHS communications director JordanBani-Younes told KWCH 12 News. “I [was] raised here and the level of acceptance the community has had for the campaign, just helping us in general, has been phenomenal.”

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