CLIFF RESCUE, 1 fatality, Honolulu landing/also known as “SAND HILL” Report

2:48pm Monday, 9/14/2020

9 HFD apparatus, 19 personnel

Roadblock was instituted

An 18 and 20 year old male found at the bottom of a ~35 ft cliff on a rocky outcropping at the oceans edge.

Cause: motorcycle accident and 2nd victim rendering assistance, off of a cliff

Company 10, rescue company 02, medic 18 and battalion 1B were dispatched for an 18 and 20 year old males who fell approxmately 35′ off the cliff’s edge while riding a dirt bike in the area known as “Sand Hill”. Company 10 personnel were able to make it down the cliff to the two injured persons. Medic 18 and BT-10 set up a landing zone for the rescue company’s chopper and to await the rescued parties. The 18 male party was awake, alert and oriented with multisymptom traumatic injuries. The 20 male was unresponsive with a severe head injury. The 18 pt. was airlifted first in full spinal precautions, via long line and stokes litter to the awaiting units at the LZ. He was transported to HMC ER in serious condition. The 20 male was initially treated for cardiac arrest on scene but efforts were discontinued due to extent of injuries, elapsed time of life saving efforts and direction from medical control. He was also airlifted to awaiting units where he was released to HPD for further investigation. The scene was left in care of HPD.




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