Scientists Are Running Out Of Time To Save This Critically Endangered Kauai Bird … The new data suggests the population of akikiki — a honeycreeper bird found only on Kauai — may be declining faster than previously thought.

KILAUEA, Kauai — The future is bleak for Kauai’s last surviving native forest birds, researchers have long known.

But until recently, there was reason to hope that the decline of the akikiki — a tiny, imperiled honeycreeper with an estimated population size of fewer than 500 birds — had somewhat slowed when conservationists counted approximately the same number of birds in the high-elevation forest that is the species’ last frontier in both 2012 and 2018.

“It made it look like …. maybe things weren’t quite so bad for the birds,” said Lisa Crampton, coordinator of the Kauai Forest Birds Recovery Project.


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