As TMT Works To Build On Mauna Kea, Two Telescopes Are Coming Down … More telescopes are expected to be decommissioned according to a plan that seeks to do a better job of managing the mauna.

The University of Hawaii and the California Institute of Technology are embarking on projects to take down two telescopes at the summit of Mauna Kea as part of a broader initiative by the state to limit the number of telescopes on the mountain in anticipation of the Thirty Meter Telescope’s eventual construction.

The Hoku Kea UH teaching telescope and the 10-meter Caltech Submillimeter Observatory would be the first modern observatories on Mauna Kea to be decommissioned — meaning no other telescopes will take their place.

Both higher education institutions are soliciting public comments on environmental reports that detail how the telescopes will be removed and the safeguards each project will take to protect the surrounding environment.


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