Official Report….LAVA TREE STATE PARK Structure Fire

Tuesday, 10/19/2021, 6:12am

7HFD apparatus; 11 HFD personnel

$10,000 Loss

STRUCTURE FIRE: Storage shed approx 15’x20′ in smoldering/decay stage with front door openned. Building construction Type 1. Roof still stading but purlins and rafters completely burnt.  Appears to be crime scene arson cause.  HPD and inspectors were notified.

On arrival found a storage shed approx. 15’x20′ in smoldering/decay stage.The structure front door was already open with obvious forced entry prior to our arrival. Fire extinguished and overhaul completed. . HPD was on scene. No rescue needed. Scene turn to HPD with fire inspector responding for investigation. All other units returned to quarters.

Hollow tile storage shed with metal roof.  No electricity or other utilities service noted.

Possible arson

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