New HART Report Floats Some Cheerier Budget Possibilities … Report by a committee of HART board members claims there may be hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue or cost savings to be had.

The Honolulu rail authority board presented a package of proposals Wednesday it hopes will help whittle down the city rail project’s enormous budget shortfall based on the work of a subcommittee that identified hundreds of millions of dollars in potential cost savings or new revenue for the project.

The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation announced in March the 21-mile rail line faced a funding gap of about $3.5 billion, but HART Interim Director Lori Kahikina told the Honolulu City Council last week the budget shortfall is actually slightly less than $2 billion.

HART based that newer shortfall estimate mostly on a draft report by consultant Triunity Management and Engineering Inc. City officials say Triunity concluded HART can cut its consulting and other costs by $749 million, but HART thus far has refused to make that draft document public.


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