Hawaii’s Extreme Drought Is Forcing Ranchers And Farmers To Get Creative 0 Planting crops that adapt, cutting back on workers, even harvesting fog are ideas being put into action on Maui and Molokai.

As drought stretches on from what was supposed to be the rainy season into an increasingly dry summer, farmers and ranchers across Maui County are trying to find innovative ways to save their crops, their livestock and their livelihoods.

The unusually dry winter and continuing drought has left farmers with less water, but also struggling to deal with unseasonal and unusual pests. At the same time, growing deer populations are encroaching on their land and eating their crops.

Now, farmers and ranchers are researching and experimenting with new and old ways to attract, harvest and conserve water for their crops and livestock, from planting water-attracting trees and foliage to trying to harvest moisture from fog.


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