A paving project contractor was notified about 12:15 of water exiting a
manhole and onto Waianuenue Avenue. Crews from the Hawaii County
Wastewater Division arrived at about 1:15 pm and worked to restore flow.
Crews released a blockage and restored normal flow around 2:00 pm. Based
on the estimated sewer flow at that time, about 6,300 gallons of wastewater
overflowed onto Waianuenue avenue. The wastewater traveled down the
north side curb and into a storm drain just makai of Laimana Street
Cause: A section of the sewer main along Waianuenue Avenue collapsed and
partially blocked flows.
Remedial Actions Taken: Wastewater Division crews removed debris from the line and restored normal
flow around 2:00 pm. A contractor will excavate around the failed line and
replace that section starting August 2, 2022 at 08:00 am.
Waianuenue was disinfected with a water and chlorine solution around 3:00 pm.
Warning signs were posted along Hilo Bayfront, and Wastewater Division
personnel will sample at locations along bayfront for bacteriological analyses.

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