‘It’s A Nightmare’: Feral Pig Population Explosion Rattles East Honolulu Neighborhood 0 Aina Haina residents are reporting increasing porcine encounters and are turning to city and state officials for a rescue.

Aina Haina, an affluent residential neighborhood on Oahu’s southeastern shore, wedged between Waialae/Kahala and Hawaii Kai, is trying to fend off an invasion of pigs.

Residents of single-family homes, many on sloping hills overlooking the Pacific, are reporting less desirable views these days: colonies of feral pigs have moved down from the mountain forests into residential neighborhoods, where they are rooting in people’s yards and destroying landscaping, bellowing, snorting and even screaming in the night, menacing residents, depositing foul-smelling excrement, scavenging for food in trash cans and multiplying like crazy.

Pigs, both domesticated and wild, have played a unique role in local cultural traditions ever since they first accompanied Polynesian explorers to the islands. Larger varieties were later imported by British explorers. Pig meat is the basis for many island food specialties such as kalua pork. Feral pigs remain an important source of food for many families.

But feral pigs have never been seen before in these numbers in places like Aina Haina, one of many communities in Hawaii where residential development presses deep into valleys surrounded by steep forested mountains.


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