This New Dairy Owner Says Local Cows Can Bring Down Hawaii’s Milk Prices 0 Under new ownership, Meadow Gold Dairies is trying to revive Hawaii’s dying dairy industry.

Go to the neighborhood grocery in Honolulu, and it’s hard to find a gallon of milk for less than $7.

But Bahman Sadeghi is hoping to change that. The chief executive of Meadow Gold Dairies, which Sadeghi acquired in 2020, has a long-range goal of bringing back Hawaii’s dairy industry.

He reckons that by producing milk locally, Meadow Gold can lower the price of a gallon of milk by 20%.

“The fundamental piece is producing local milk and processing locally,” Sadeghi said. “We process all the milk that is produced here locally today, which is from one farm. But that’s a very small portion of the total market size.”


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