Hawaii Sent At Least 10 Foster Children To An Abusive Home At The Center Of A Drug Ring 0 Hawaii Child Welfare Services may have had no reason not to approve Yvonne and Paul Caitano as foster parents. But when did it find out that things had gone wrong?

At least a decade ago, Hawaii Child Welfare Services starting sending foster children to live in the Hilo home of Yvonne and Paul Caitano. The Caitanos eventually adopted five of them, which allowed them to take in five more foster children, according to one of the adopted kids.

The Caitanos were known in their community for what seemed to be a compassionate willingness to care for other people’s children.

One woman, new to fostering children herself, met Yvonne Caitano around 2015.

“Yvonne was very supportive and very knowledgeable of services and she helped me answer questions that even cws workers would not,” the woman later wrote to a federal judge, referring to the state’s Child Welfare Services.


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