Official Report…Waiakuhi Bay, South Kohala, Boat in Distress

7:18pm, Thursday, 3/16/2023

6 HFD apparatus; 14 HFD personnel

Co14 first on scene monitoring boat in distress from shoreline fronting 4 Seasons Hualalai.  2 HFD personnel standing by on shore for rescue incase boat capsizes. Rescue Co7 responded from active brushfire in Kailua Kona with R7 and Sealeg 7 boat.  C-2 also co-responded from Hilo to assist with rescue.  Sealeg-7 was able to reach the boat in distress with 2 fisherman on board dangerously close to shallow reef and safely towed the boat to a nearby mooring located by C-2.  No injuries were reported and no reported damage to the boat or nearby reef.  Coast guard was also dispatched but HFD was able to secure the boat prior to their arrival.

2 fisherman in 17ft boat lost engine power drifting dangerously close towards reef without a secured achor.  Boat located 100 yards outside of 4 seasons Hualalai shoreline drifting towards shallow reef in heavy surf breaks.

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