Maui Inmates Transferred to Halawa

HONOLULU (AP) — NEARLY two dozen inmates participated in the disturbance at a Maui jail where they broke fire sprinklers and started a small fire in a common area, officials said.

The 21 inmates identified by jail staff were transferred by charter flight Thursday to the Halawa Correctional Facility on Oahu as an internal investigation is conducted, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported .

The disturbance at the Maui Community Correctional Center started Monday when inmates refused to return to a module after recreation time. The facility was put on lockdown, and the situation was resolved a few hours later.

“At this point, and based on the actions of the participants, the motivation behind the disturbance and subsequent agitation appears to be dissatisfaction with conditions related to the extreme overcrowded conditions at the jail,” said Nolan Espinda, director of the Hawaii Department of Public Safety.

The facility was designed to hold 209 inmates, but it had a count of 410 Monday.

Two inmates suffered minor injuries during the disturbance, officials said. They were treated at a hospital and returned to the facility.

Officials are continuing to question inmates as part of the internal investigation determining “all parties involved in all phases of the disturbance,” said Toni Schwartz, spokeswoman of the state Department of Public Safety.

The Maui Police Department is also conducting a probe.

Information from: Honolulu Star-Advertiser,


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