HONOLULU – Following the release of the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) preliminary report about the June 21, 2019, skydiving accident that claimed the lives of 11 individuals, the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) is releasing the following information regarding Oahu Parachute Center LLC and Hawaii Parachute Center LCC as it relates to Dillingham (Kawaihapai) Airfield.

Hawaii Parachute Center LLC had a revocable permit (Revocable Permit 6953) to rig and repair parachutes. A copy of the signed permit for parachute loft is available here.

A copy of the cease and desist letter pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 171-36(a)(4) sent to Hawaii Parachute Center is available here.

Correspondence regarding the Oahu Parachute Center application for a revocable permit for skydiving operations at Kawaihapai Airfield can be found at this link.

The letter of revocation and notice to vacate the premises covered by RP-6953 was received by Hawaii Parachute Center on July 3, 2019, and is available here.

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