Attorney Says Lindani Myeni Was Acting Strangely Before Lethal Encounter With Police … The attorney for a couple who were staying in a vacation rental Myeni entered says they acted reasonably. But a lawyer representing Lindani Myeni’s widow says their story doesn’t excuse what he sees as a flawed response by police.

A lawyer for the couple whose vacation rental Lindani Myeni entered, leading to Myeni’s shooting by Honolulu police a short time later, said the South African man was behaving bizarrely, roaming the house and making odd comments, such as that he owned the homeowner’s cat.

The attorney, Scot Brower, said that the account given by Sabine and Dexter Wang, a Chinese couple visiting from New Jersey in April, undermines the theory presented by widow Lindsay Myeni and her lawyer, Jim Bickerton, that Myeni walked into the Coelho Way house in Nuuanu thinking that it was a nearby temple and left apologetically when asked.


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