Can Urban Farming Solve Hawaii’s Food Crisis? … High-tech farming is costly and limited in what it can grow, but techniques could help Hawaii with its dependency on food imports.

It’s a sobering challenge: Reduce Hawaii’s precarious dependence on food imports by ramping up local crop production to fill the plates of more than 1.4 million residents, as well as millions of tourists who visit the islands each year, amid projections of intensifying drought, water scarcity and competition for farmable land.

One route to getting there calls for crops to be grown on asphalt and in warehouses, either completely indoors or in advanced greenhouses.

More like science labs than farms, some of these futuristic food production setups don’t require soil for plants to grow. Often, artificial lights replace natural sun. And since moisture and nutrients can be delivered directly to the root, far less water is required to grow crops this way than in conventional farming.


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