Civil Defense Weather update for Saturday, December 4th

This is a Civil Defense Weather update for Saturday, December 4th.

The National Weather Service continues the following;

High Wind Warning and Blizzard Warning for the Summits of Hawaii Island through this weekend.

A Flood Watch, for the State and Island of Hawaii remains in effect through Tuesday and a High Surf Advisory from noon today through Monday for the coastal areas of North Kona, North and South Kohala, Hamakua and Hilo.

The National Weather Service forecasts a Kona Low impacting Hawaii Island Sunday into midweek.

Due to the High Wind and Blizzard Warnings for the Summits of Hawaii Island, be aware that summit roads are closed to the public.

Due to the Flood Watch, conditions are favorable for flash flooding and the following are issued:

All Residents in flood prone areas are asked to remain alert for flooding conditions and to take this time to prepare and address any flooding concerns.
Sandbags will be delivered for active flooding.
Remember, if lightning threatens your area, the safest place to be is indoors.
Due to the High Surf Advisory the following are issued:
Secure all property and vessels prior to the arrival of large surf.
Follow the direction of Ocean Safety Officials.

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