Official Report: Mauna Kea Access Rd., below the visitors center Motor Vehicle Accident

3:34pm, Saturday, 1/1/2022

6 injured, 1 fatality

8 HFD apparatus; 22 personnel

Mid size four door truck carrying 8 passengers, lost control and rolled over, coming down Mauna Kea Access Rd. at a high rate of speed and ending up about 200 ft. off roadway in a ravine.   Multiple patients ejected from vehicle with life threatening injuries.

Multi agency response to this incident consisted of units from HFD, PTA and AMR.  Weather made Medivac with county helicopter not possible. the accident occurred at about the 8000 foot level on the Mauna Kea access rd.  5 ambulances were utilized for patient transport to Hilo Medical Center. Accident scene was turned over to HPD for investigation.

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