Red Hill Investigations: The Navy Failed To Prevent And Respond To Fuel Contamination….The commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet said Oahu residents were right to believe Red Hill was unsafe.

A string of extraordinary failures in maintenance, training and leadership at the Navy’s Red Hill fuel facility resulted in fuel spewing from a broken pipeline for 30 hours, leaking petroleum into the military’s drinking water and sickening entire families last year, military officials said Thursday.

The results of two U.S. Pacific Fleet investigations into the disaster, shared with the media on Thursday, laid bare the human errors and systemic negligence that allowed two catastrophic leaks to occur within months of each other.

The reports reveal that a leak on May 6 was much worse than initially reported – some 20,000 gallons escaped instead of the initially reported 1,000 – and that the failure to properly investigate that leak was a major factor in another one happening on Nov. 20. That second spill was the one that injected as many as 3,322 gallons of fuel into the drinking water, according to one of the reports.


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