Molokai Travelers Have Direct Line To Airline Executive Who Can ‘Make A Flight Appear’ 0 The pandemic slashed Molokai air travel options. In a pinch, this airline executive gets Friendly Isle residents where they need to be.

Last week, after watching his 12-year-old daughter perform in a Florida beauty pageant, Joseph Howe and his family of four drove to Orlando International Airport to begin the long journey back to their Molokai home.

molokai locator badgeSuddenly, an alert appeared on Howe’s phone: Three-hour flight delay. The family was going to miss their final connection — a 36-minute flight from Honolulu to Molokai.

Making an already bad situation worse, all of Mokulele Airlines’ flights on that route over the next two days were full.

And since Mokulele is the only air carrier servicing Molokai, the Howe family was staring down the prospect of an overnight layover in Honolulu — and a slew of unforeseen expenses: Taxi rides. A hotel room. Meals for four.


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