Nanawale Cove, Government Beach Road, Pahoa. Brush Fire Report

Monday 6/29/2020  1:10pm

5 units; 12 personnel

There was a road closure by HPD

150′ X 250′ area of Iron wood pine needles, stumps, brush and Iron wood tree burning. No vehicular access and difficult terrain next to a sea cliff.

Company 10 was dispatched to a brush fire near Nanawale Cove off of Government beach road in the district of Puna. On scene we found a 150′ x 250′ area burning with heavy smoke from pine needles and tree stumps burning. There was no immediate access to the burning area and chopper 1 was brought in to do sea water bucket drops. Approximately 1000′ of hose line was laid through thick brush, uneven terrain pockmarked with chasms hidden by the Iron wood needles; to the fire area to begin ground extinguishment. The road was closed by HPD due the narrow roadway and water shuttling operations being performed by HFD units. Extinguishing operations continued until dark with the perimeter of the fire being 90% contained, as well as most of the actively burning hot spots. HFD personnel remained on scene throughout the night to monitor the smoldering burn area until daylight operations can resume.

.5 Acres



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