Hirono questions defense official on COLA reduction

Service members stationed in Hawaii, home of the country’s highest cost of living, are facing a 50% reduction in their cost-of-living allowance and at a U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee meeting on Thursday, Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, demanded to know why.

What You Need To Know

    • Military personnel stationed in Hawaii and other posts outside the continental United States receive an Overseas Cost of Living Allowance to offset higher prices for goods and services
    • The scheduled reduction of the overseas cost-of-living allowance by up to 50%  could cost service members hundreds of dollars per month depending on pay grade, years of service, number of dependents and other factors
  • Under Secretary of Defense Personnel and Readiness Gil Cisneros said that while inflation is not factored in the calculation for OCOLA, the cut reflects a narrower difference in cost of living between Hawaii and other states

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