2 Men Rescued From Cliff on Hamakua Coast

Two males were rescued by Hawaii Fire Department personnel early Sunday morning.

The HFD reported its rescue team extracted two males from a cliff on the Hamakua Coast.

The parties climbed down 100 foot steep embankment and utilized rope system to scale down another 100 foot vertical cliff to pick opihi, but could not come back up. The first party was found approximately 50 feet down on cliff face.

HFD rescueman used a rope system around 1 a.m. to pick up the first stranded man on the cliff face, while the second man was raised from the shoreline to safety, tended by a HFD rescueman.

Throughout the rescue near Waipunalei, heavy rain contributed to the hazardous rescue, the department said. Neither victim had injuries requiring transport to a medical facility. No HFD personnel sustained any injuries during the rescue.

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