Boiling Pots (Wailuku River) Rescue Official Report

11:39am Monday, 6/21/2021

1 person injured and rescued

7 HFD apparatus; 15 HFD personnel

Upon arrival found an injured 20’s male hiker on the enbankment of the river.

Chopper 1 inserted three (3) Fire Rescue Specialists on the river bank. They placed the injured hiker on a spineboard as a precaution, then into the litter for extraction. Chopper 1 with the use of long line and litter safely extracted the injured hiker and transferred him to the EMS personnel. The patient was treated and transported by ambulance to Hilo Medical Center ER in stable condition. The Hawaii Fire Department would like to remind visitors and residents of the access and hazard warning signs along the Wailuku River.

Hiking near the river, slip and fall.


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