Hawaii Legislature 2022: Smart Spending Could Help Big Problems … The Legislature has money available for almost any policy initiative imaginable, and every member of the House and Senate is up for reelection.

For the better part of two years, retired aerospace industry consultant Victor Craft worked with veterans groups, government leaders and some local business executives on an array of proposals to try to diversify Hawaii’s economy.

In the end, he essentially threw up his hands in frustration, and moved to Nebraska.

Craft describes Hawaii’s business and government leaders as “lethargic,” and “comfortable.” The pandemic was a shock, but “they’re still hanging on to that comfort zone,” he said from his new home near Omaha, where he moved with his family last year.

If the governor and lawmakers intend to dramatically change course this year, they have not said how. The State Capitol has now been closed for nearly two years, and the pandemic is dragging on. Tourists are returning and people are getting back to work, but the political process still seems stalled.


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