DLNR supports community efforts to protect Pololu

The state Department on Land and Natural Resources is affirming its commitment to making sure that residents drive the process for developing a plan to better manage rural Pololu Valley, which in recent years has been overrun by visitors.

What You Need To Know

    • The state Legislature appropriated $500,000 to kickstart a planning process for the valley
    • The Division of Forestry and Wildlife has jurisdiction over the trail, a small parking area for fewer than 12 cars, and the cliff dropping down to the ocean, but DLNR and lawmakers said whatever plan is developed should come from the community
    • A community-initiated stewardship program has made it possible for residents to positively engage visitors, educate them about the area, warn them of hazards and ask for them to behave respectfully
  • DOFAW is in the process of selecting a consultant to help facilitate the community engagement.

“Everyone is recognizing the overuse of Pololu and the community wanting to do something about it,” said Jackson Bauer, DLNR’s Division of Forestry And Wildlife liaison with the community in a release issued last week. “We’ve been meeting with the community, many of whom are lineal descendants of Pololu, so they have deep connections to the area. Brainstorming led to the great idea for having onsite stewardship. That’s the model we always want to follow; empowering communities to lead their own initiatives.”


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