Here’s What We Know — And Don’t Know — About The Impact Of Masks On Little Kids 0 Early research suggests that parental stress has more of an impact on childhood development and wellbeing than whether kids are wearing masks.

Hawaii was one of the first states to institute a statewide mask mandate and now it is the last to still require students to mask up at school.

There was the public school teacher who resigned after 14 years of teaching because of the state’s mask mandate. The mother of two, concerned about her children’s mental health. The father of four who said his children can’t breathe or function with masks on.

One after another, angry parents and community members took to the microphone at last month’s contentious nine-hour Hawaii Board of Education meeting to vent their frustration about masks in schools, in a scene that would have been equally familiar to school leaders in TennesseeCalifornia or Illinois.

School boards across the county have been the focus of so much intense wrath during the pandemic, that the FBI started meeting with local law enforcement agencies last October to address the growing threats to school boards and teachers.


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