Hawaii Ag Director Plans To ‘Go Big’ If Confirmed … The department’s funding has become cause for concern after losing a special revenue stream. Lawmakers say they are listening, but they expect the next director to ask for more.

Sharon Hurd is generally well liked in agricultural circles.

But her first foray with the Legislature, as Gov. Josh Green’s pick to lead the Department of Agriculture, was less than cordial. Senate Ways and Means Chair Donovan Dela Cruz ended up deferring her Jan. 11 budget briefing, saying she was unprepared and disorganized.

She went home and studied up on the myriad issues facing the department, from its lack of organization, chronic underfunding and absence of a systemic plan to achieve the state’s decade-old goal of doubling food production by 2030. Hurd returned two days later, and the hearing went smoothly.

Hawaii Ag Director Plans To ‘Go Big’ If Confirmed

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