MrBeast Helps 1,000 Blind People See Again

MrBeast Helps 1,000 Blind People See Again

American YouTuber MrBeast is using his success to do some good.

In his most recent video, he cured 1,000 people’s blindness by paying for their eye-surgery.

Mr Beast 1000 blind people
YouTuber MrBeast helps cure blindness for 1,000 people

“In this video, we’re curing 1,000 people’s blindness,” says Jimmy Donaldson, a 24-year-old known online by his moniker MrBeast, in a video which has garnered more than 45 million views in just 48 hours.

Donaldson teamed up with Jeff Levenson, an ophthalmologist and surgeon, to provide cataract surgery for uninsured people who are legally blind due to cataracts.

In the video, Donaldson shows patients getting their bandages removed after surgery, and then shows their reaction. For many of them it was the first time they had seen properly in decades.

“I just haven’t been me for the last 62 years,” one patient says in the video. “I can actually see your face.”

Initially, Donaldson’s team called homeless shelters and free clinics to create a list of patients in the Jacksonville area who needed cataract surgery but could not afford it. Eventually, they had a group of 40 patients. Levenson performed all of their surgeries in a single day.

After that, Levenson connected Donaldson’s team with SEE International, a nonprofit that provides free eyecare around the world to patients in need. The organization helped Donaldson reach a total of 1,000 patients. The surgeries were completed in about three weeks.

Donaldson also gave $10,000 to a number of patients, bought one a Tesla, and even donated $50,000 to another’s college fund.

Watch the video below.

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