Hawaii Schools Scramble To Cope With Teacher And Student Absences … Hundreds of teachers called out sick, while many students were kept home due to illness or parental fears about a surge in Covid-19.

In Jodi Kunimitsu’s math class at Maui High, the student absences steadily crept up last week.

On Tuesday, the first day back to school for Hawaii public school students after a two-week winter break, one-third of 26 students in a single period did not come to school. By Wednesday, 46% of the students were out. And by Friday, more than half of the students were absent, resulting in a class with just 11 kids.

“It’s been crazy,” the high school math teacher said Friday. “The absentee rate has been really high. Some students have emailed me to say they’re not feeling well or some parents are not comfortable sending their students to school until they’ve gotten tested or boosted.”


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