Police In Hawaii Killed 2 People Last Year. Is It A Sign Of A Downward Trend? 0 Data that captures trends in police killings over the past five decades shows a steep decline across the U.S., even while the 2022 national total shows little change in their frequency.

Hawaii almost made it through 2022 without a civilian being shot and killed by police.

That run ended Dec. 9 when Honolulu police fired at a man who had barricaded himself in a Waikiki apartment with a 9 mm ghost gun. It had been more than 15 months since the last fatal police shooting in Hawaii, according to a database of deadly police encounters since 2010 maintained by Civil Beat.

And then there was another shooting death in the state later in December on Maui.

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The quiet year for the Honolulu Police Department meant it fell marginally on a scale used to compare police killings across departments of comparable size, policing communities with similar populations over the past decade. HPD currently sits just below San Francisco and on a par with Minneapolis.

The low death number is not in itself exceptional. There was a single fatality in Honolulu in 2010, according to Civil Beat data, and police killings for the entire state hovered in the single digits until they peaked in 2018 and 2019 when there were 11 and 10 deaths respectively.

Police In Hawaii Killed 2 People Last Year. Is It A Sign Of A Downward Trend?

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